Near Omsk will open the first rural virtual concert hall


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vladimir Astapkovich / RIA Novosti

The following year, in the Omsk region is planned to open the first rural virtual concert hall. This was reported by press Secretary of the regional Ministry of culture Svetlana salikova, reports TASS.

According to her, it is about the oldest and second largest city in the region of the Container. For the execution of the project to be equipped with all necessary modern equipment to the local district Central library.

“Now the residents not only Tarski district, and other Northern areas will become spectators as concerts, organized by the Omsk Philharmonic in the regional center, and music programs held in Russia and even abroad,” she explained, stressing that the event will often broadcast live.

The Agency interlocutor added that as a district, which is home to more than 45 thousand people will get the mobile club.

The initiative is being implemented under the national project “Culture”, for which a dedicated 113,5 billion. It includes three Federal programs: “Cultural environment”, “Creative people”, “Digital culture”. In accordance with the purposes of the project until 2024 will be equipped art schools and schools of musical instruments, equipment and instructional materials, creation and overhaul of cultural and leisure facilities in rural areas, acquisition of mobile multifunctional cultural centers for the maintenance of the rural population, digitization of film content on digital media of the Gosfilmofond of Russia, as well as create virtual concert halls.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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