Relationship with trump estimated at millions of dollars


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House in the new York borough of Queens, where he spent his childhood, the President of the United States Donald trump put up for auction. Mansion is planned to be implemented at a price of from two to six million dollars, while the average cost of houses in the district is approximately 1.18 million dollars. This writes the Mansion Global.

The representative of the company that organized the auction, told the portal that if not “presidential” history of the object, it would cost about a million dollars. Earlier in 2019, the cottage was placed on the market at a price of 2.9 million. “The value of this house is not the bricks and not the mortar, and in connection with the U.S. President,” — said the expert.

The starting price of the object is not disclosed, the application for participation in auction are accepted until November 14 this year.

According to Global Mansion, cottage, referred to in recent times changed the owner to 2017: then it was sold for of 2.14 million dollars. In 2016, the brokers have the house valued at 1.65 million dollars.

Earlier, in the midst of a campaign to elect trump for President, Forbes reported a marked reduction of the number of properties under the Trump brand. In particular, according to the newspaper, the new York skyscraper Trump Tower for a year by September 2016 lost in the price about 159 million dollars.

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