Russian governors intend to take away a home abroad


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State Duma Deputy from LDPR Alexander Sherin suggested at the legislative level to ban heads of Russian regions to own immovable property abroad. About it reports news Agency “Moscow”.

The ban should apply to members of the Governor’s family, the MP said during the meeting of the state Duma on Thursday, September 19. “Don’t be surprised if some of the Governor will be anti-corruption filed a criminal case and one day he will come back from your house in Munich or in some other country,” — said the Deputy. He explained that the ban should be introduced in the framework of the fight against corruption, as well as for reasons of national security.

Shereen has already acted with the similar initiative in may of this year. “Officials at all levels, especially who are planning to lead the subjects of the Russian Federation, must live in the region along with their family and friends, have to breathe the same air, use the same medicine. They should not be able to live abroad, to educate their children there and be treated there,” he said then.

Civil servants forbidden to have accounts and stocks in other countries from April 2013, but the prohibition does not apply to property abroad. At the same time officials are obliged to declare and disclose the sources of funding. In February this year, President Vladimir Putin signed a law according to which the Prosecutor General’s office accesses the data about the presence of Russian officials of foreign deposits and savings.

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