Sisters died in one day from one diagnosis


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Two sisters, 54-year-old Amanda Williams (Amanda Williams) and 57-year-old Jacqueline (Jacqueline), located in different countries, died within one day from the same diagnosis. This publication reports the Metro.

September 5, Amanda Williams was about to fly from the town Shepshed, Leicestershire County, in Ingolstadt is a German city to visit his sister Jacqueline, who was in the hospital in critical condition.

However, the woman failed to fly in the same day she became ill. She was found by a nurse on duty and tried to give her CPR. Amanda was taken to the Glenfield hospital and hooked up to life support.

Both sisters died on the same day, without regaining consciousness. The cause of death of both was bleeding in the brain.

Their mother stated that she felt like she was hit with a sledgehammer when I learned of the death of two daughters in one day. The woman said her daughters were very close, and noted that they were “spontaneous” personalities and loved to travel.

34-year-old daughter Amanda, Kelly Aikens (Kellie Aikens), said that the family agrees with the German authorities on the delivery of the body of Jacqueline from Germany and plans to organize a double funeral. Native sisters don’t want this event used to be sad: they organize music and dance, as would Amanda and Jacqueline.

Earlier it was reported that a husband and wife from the us state of Georgia had been married for 71 years and died in one day. Delap the couple, who have six children, 16 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandson, died on July 12 in Waynesboro hospital.

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