The Russians have called the best motivation for work


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ramil Sitdikov / RIA Novosti

The majority of Russians (about 73 percent) believe that awards and bonuses is the best motivation for work. It follows from the results of a survey of the Analytical center NAFI consulted by TASS.

For 56 percent of Russians are the best motivation was the 13th salary, for 41 percent of the social package, and for 25 percent additional time off and weekends. 15 percent of respondents said desired promotion gifts, and 14 per cent of training by the employer.

While employers often use to motivate employees awards and bonuses — so do 52 percent. 27 percent pointed to the prevalence of benefits, and 21 percent of corporate event. Another 15 percent said the extra time off and the weekend, and 14 per cent of 13-th salary.

The social package 26 percent of respondents included additional health insurance policy, at least — meals (14 percent), travel (11 percent), mobile (11%) and education (10 percent), discounted tickets for employees and their children (10 percent). Another 8 percent said their benefits package includes the provision by the employer of a loan (8 per cent), housing (4 percent) and transportation (4 percent), and passes to pool and fitness center (3 percent). Most Russians would like to see benefits, subsidized vouchers (47 percent) and LCA (45 percent).

Previously, Russians were advised to return from leave to work in the middle of the week. This is necessary in order to have less working days until the weekend. The Russians are also advised not to take the vacation to the main events of the year, because it can lead to frustration.

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