Trump urged to continue to fight with China for its own benefit


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The President of the United States Donald Trump should not enter into an agreement with China to end trade war between the two largest economies in the world, because it puts his re-election to the presidency in 2020 under question. This is the opinion of the chief economist of the CME Group Bluford Putnam, writes CNBC.

He explained that against China are not only Democrats, but supporters of trump’s for the Republican party. They believe that the American President should be much tougher with China, and are dissatisfied with the easing policy of this state. “Thus for him [trump] it is better never to enter into trade truce,” said Putnam.

Analysts believe that before the election of the President of the United States in November, 2020, the deal about the end of the trade war would not be concluded. At the same time, by trump previously pushed China to a deal before the U.S. election, claiming that after his possible reelection of Beijing prompted the agreement to “much worse” conditions.

The trade war lasts for about one and a half years, and during this time the position of the United States and China several times verged and diverged. In September, the parties exchanged new punches when Washington increased duties on Chinese goods to $ 125 billion, and Beijing — imposed duties on the us 75 billion. However, they then go on mutual concessions. It happened on the eve of another round of talks, which will be held in the United States until the end of September.

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