Apartment prices in the suburbs fell back to three years ago


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Igor Charsiew / “Kommersant”

The cost of primary housing in the middle zone of Moscow region back to a 2016. This is stated in the materials of the Federal portal “World apartments”, provided of edition”.ru”.

Over the past three years the “square” of new housing in the suburbs became more expensive by 1.3 percent, and the total cost of proposals (apartments) increased by almost 3 percent. “Appreciation the last year has actually returned the price of items of 2016, according to experts. The recession that began in 2014, ending at the end of the first half of 2018, when prices reacted to increased demand and subsequently began to increase. For the past year, housing rose in price twice as fast as dropping in the previous two.”

According to analysts, new with the cheapest in the area apartments can be found in Noginsk, where a square meter on average, estimated 61 thousand rubles, in Elektrostal (64 thousand) and Losino-Petrovskiy (65 thousand). In addition, relatively inexpensive accommodation is offered in Elektrougli (65,2 thousand rubles for “square”) and Solnechnogorsk (65.3 thousand rubles). The average cost of apartments in all these cities does not exceed 3.7 million rubles.

The most expensive cost of real estate in Zhukovsky — 88,7 thousand rubles per square meter. Further, in the first five after going science city Pushkino (80.5 thousand rubles for “square”), Aprelevka (77 thousand), Ramenskoye (70.7 thousand) and Zvenigorod (70 thousand rubles).

In July 2019 the city near Moscow with the cheapest “secondary” was recognized as Balashikha, where a square meter costs on average and 91.6 thousand rubles. The first three leaders of the rating was also Korolev (98,2 thousand rubles for “square”) and Dzerzhinsky (98,7 thousand).

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