It is estimated the chances of southerners to move to Moscow


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexander vilf / RIA Novosti

The resident of Krasnodar will have to sell an average of 3.66 apartment at the local primary real estate market to afford housing in Moscow. It is stated in the material Federal sites for realtors Restate (at the disposal “of the”).

Analysts have compared housing prices in different regions of the southern Federal district of Russia with the cost of apartments in Moscow. Krasnodar index was highest for the black sea region. The price of one “square” on the secondary market is equal to 54 469 million, 3.6 times less than the cost of housing in new buildings of Moscow (577 199 rubles per square meter).

In second place is Novorossiysk — we will need to sell an average of 3.16 in the apartment building and 3.7 — on the “secondary market”. Third place goes to Anapa — 2,87 local primary apartment in one of Moscow. On the secondary market have to sell 3,37 apartment.

The rating Noumea (2.52 apartment) and Sochi (1,63 apartments). The residents of these other cities easier to move to Moscow. To purchase real estate in the secondary market have to pay 2,96 1,92 black sea and flats respectively.

Earlier, analysts of the Russian market of resort real estate has estimated that in Tuapse and Novorossiysk is most advantageous to buy private houses for renting in the summer to rent. A little less will bring the property in Anapa and Sochi.

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