More details emerged about the bribery of the police killing of colleagues


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ramil Sitdikov / RIA Novosti

Arrested for the murder of one and wounding of another employee of management of own safety (USB) the COP was hiding bribes in packs of paper handkerchiefs. On Friday, September 20, reports “Kommersant”.

According to the newspaper, the migrants, which senior warrant officer Andrey Smirnov stopped to check, gave him tribute in such packages. The first of his actions affected native Philippines at the station “Barrikadnaya”, which had no registration in Moscow. The second was a citizen of Kyrgyzstan at the station “Ryazan prospectus”, which are not documents. Interviewing his staff, the URC went to the room to Smirnov.

In the room of ensign asked to turn out his pockets, and while the officer of security forces showed the witness a pack with money, Smirnov opened fire. Senior Lieutenant Maxim Vaalco was wounded and tried to escape, but the second policeman — Alex Lemons — tried to grab the gun to Smirnov, but he shot him at point blank range. Vaalco died from his injuries.

Earlier it was reported that an employee of the Department of internal Affairs on the Moscow metro was shot by two officers of CSS at the metro station “Ryazan prospectus”. One of the victims managed to run out of the room to the street, where he died of his wounds. For a second life fighting doctors.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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