Supporters marching to Putin shaman decided to continue his work


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Supporters of the detainee Alexander Yakut shaman TM continue to go to Moscow and demand his release. About two men with flags in their hands said in a video posted on YouTube.

According to them, supporters of the shaman expect every day to travel 20 miles, as I wanted the shaman. They also said that their leader was ‘kidnapped’ by the security services, and “nobody really knows where he is.”

Supporters of the shaman also said that they intend to “begin to fight for the liberation of the shaman-warrior TM”. “We come from God,” — convinced the Russians.

Edition Sign the TM supporters said that their leader was found sane and released from the mental hospital. They noted that the shaman is at home in the near future he will choose a measure of restraint.

Earlier it became known that TM arrived in Yakutsk and placed in the Yakut Republican psychoneurological clinic. It was reported that the shaman is conducted a psychiatric diagnosis conversations about his life and disease, then the issue will be resolved on treatment.

Gabyshev was arrested yesterday, September 19, at 202-kilometer Federal highway M-53 “Baikal”. He walked from Yakutia to Moscow “banish Putin”, because “God commanded”. A distance of eight thousand kilometers shaman planned to overcome by 2021. With him he carried a two-meter truck, it was accompanied by a group of 20 people. At the time of arrest he was already three thousand miles. In the regional Department of the Ministry of interior said that Gabyshev is wanted for committing a crime, but what, was not specified. According to his supporters, the question on excitation of criminal case under article 282.1 of the criminal code (“Organization of an extremist community”).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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