The crisis has forced the Argentines to move to unprotected sex


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The economic crisis in Argentina led to a sharp decline in sales of contraceptives — condoms and contraceptive pills, according to Reuters.

To condoms since the beginning of the year, a drop of eight percent compared to the same period last year. However, in recent months, when the situation deteriorated, sales fell by almost a quarter.

Sales of the pill in the same period decreased by six percent, and recently it has reached 20 percent. The President of the Argentine pharmaceutical Confederation, by the Reynoso Isabel (Isabel Reinoso) noted that the acceptance of contraception declined by about 144 thousand women.

The reason was a sharp depreciation of the national currency. Contraceptives are produced mainly from imported materials, which have risen by a third. Amid declining revenues that forced the Argentines to abandon their purchase.

As noted by Mar Lucas, program Director of the Argentinean non-profit organizations to combat the spread of HIV Fundación Huésped, the government distributes free condoms in public hospitals, but few know about it, and the government prefer not to promote this issue.

One of the interviewed Agency pharmacists working in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, said that people leave when they realize how expensive condoms and pills.

Argentine authorities have addressed for the help to IMF in may last year and received $ 57 billion. The loan has not helped improve the situation in the country, and on August 11 primaries with big advantage won by the opposition candidate for the presidency Alberto Fernandez. This has led to a sharp deterioration in the economy. The government has decided to defer payments on debts to 101 billion dollars, after which the Agency S&P on the day downgraded the country’s rating to default. Currently, Argentina’s debt levels exceed 95 percent of GDP, and the full risks of default remain high.

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