The ensign was dismantled and sold off hundreds of computers of the FSB Academy


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia / RIA Novosti

Senior technician at the FSB Academy Arthur Khairullin sentenced to four years of imprisonment in a colony-settlement for the sale of computers in schools. On Friday, September 20, reports “Kommersant”.

According to the newspaper, in 2016, the contractor has built for the Academy a few of the new premises, where he established a furniture and computers. Here was located the faculty of foreign languages, but the reception of works, production buildings on the balance of the Academy and starting the training process was delayed. Time blocks were installed in the transmission mode, responsible for which is 1 August 2017 was appointed Lieutenant hajrullin. He was given the keys to all the rooms.

Having under its responsibility hundreds of computers, the technician began to disassemble the system blocks and sell the processors and memory modules on sites, free ads, including Avito and “Yula”. Money he started to spend on bets in the sports betting and was hoping to get it back. But failed to win and he sold all more details.

To start the learning process in the new building was planned in the fall of 2018, but before that Khairullin came to confess to the chief of the Department stating that didn’t keep him trusted computers.

The investigation found that he sold 430 Intel and 505 of the memory modules for a total amount of 7.3 million rubles. According to him, all the money he spent on the family and betting at the bookmaker.

Khayrullin was dismissed from the FSB. The court took into account his confession, remorse and assistance to investigation, having reclassified the article with the theft in especially large size, for a misdemeanor. To the penal colony in which former technician of FSB Academy will serve his sentence, he will have to get yourself. Spent on the road time will be credited on account of punishment.

On September 19 it was reported that the accused of the terrorist attack in the subway of St. Petersburg, on 3 April 2017 — 31-year-old native of Kyrgyzstan, told about the staged video of his arrest. He explained that the FSB took him to Moscow for four days tortured and forced to give suitable readings.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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