The girl followed the culinary advice from the Internet and died


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Weibo

A girl named G (Zhezhe) from China died trying to copy the method for the preparation of popcorn, shown popular Chinese blogersha MIS Je (Yeah Ms). About it writes “bi-Bi-si”.

According to the newspaper, 14-year-old G with her 12-year-old girlfriend Xiaoyu (Xiaoyu) wanted to cook popcorn in aluminum cans, as did MIS Je. However, the blogger said that girls don’t completely copied the technique shown in her video, and used another method.

According to IIA Ye, for her video, she used one aluminum jar, which put a grain of popcorn, and the spirit lamp (burner with the tank for alcohol — approx. “Of the”), which were to heat the Bank. As blogger says, the girls had two tins and there was a spirit lamp, so they warmed up the alcohol directly in banks. They poured it in there, when there was open fire. The spark came in standing next to a container with a technical alcohol, and it exploded.

Girls received severe burns. G you have burned 96 percent of the body, and she died in the hospital. Xiaoyu suffered less: it burned 13 percent of the body. The surviving teen will need plastic surgery.

Blogger has agreed to pay the families of the deceased and injured compensation. Its size is not specified.

MIS Ye well-known commercials, in which she prepares food in unusual ways. For example, in one of her videos she fries the fish on the iron. It signed more than 15 million people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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