The guy laughed at presentation with photos of naked girls and regretted



A Reddit user with the nickname Throwaway06382922619 told how screwed up my relationship with the girl, laughed at her presentation in which she used her Nude photos.

Couple for five years maintained a long-distance relationship. Young people often send each other explicit pictures and videos but to see them was rare. During the last date she decided to show the guy made a PowerPoint presentation with photos, which she was naked.

The user said that he likes to look at these pictures, however, his laugh that the girl made the transitions between slides similar to those used in the preparation of school presentations. “It was difficult to hold back the laughter, but when one of the slides crashed, like glass, before the advent of the other, I broke down and laughed,” he said.

The girl was embarrassed and offended by the guy. The next morning, when he left, they waited for the awkward conversation. A user shared with other commentators fear that after the incident the relationship between them will not be the same. Later, the author of the post removed the story from Reddit, but Twitter account Relationships.txt managed to take a screenshot of the publication.

Nick admitted that the situation really was funny. One of them advised the user to apologize with the help of a PowerPoint presentation, which would have been the same transitions and pictures of him in ridiculous poses. “Tell her that you appreciate her efforts because they were motivated by love. Accept her feelings and tell me you didn’t want to hurt her” — recommended by another commenter.

Earlier the girl told Reddit visitors confused about her sexual fantasies of her boyfriend, which turned out to be related to its father and mother. Learning of this, the 21-year-old girl wondered whether to continue her relationship with this man.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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