The head of the Russian colonies was suspended after the Striptease


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The leadership of Krasnoyarsk management of Federal service of execution of punishments (FSIN) has suspended acting chief of the penal colony after the footage of the party, where his staff staged a Striptease. This was reported by the press service of the regional administration.

“The fact of posting on the Internet a video recording of the activities undertaken in the CP-14 GUFSIN Rossii po krasnoyarskomu KRAYU, the leadership of the Federal penitentiary service scheduled service check”, — is spoken in the message.

On the Agency’s website indicated that the colony-settlement №14 (KP-14) headed by Colonel Alexander Trefilov. It is located in the village of Tammachat Irkutsk region.

Trefilov was appointed acting head of the KP-14 in June 2019. Before he headed Krasnoyarsk penal colony №24, said “Taiga.Info”.

It was said that corporate was not carried out on the territory of the colony, and at the village Tammachat.

A video from the event appeared on September 19 in Telegram-channel “Krasnoyarsk №1” indicating that it was sent by the subscriber from the party guards.

On account of a man in camouflage under music remove her clothes, while not left in shorts, they help women. Then they speed dress. “In the video, the employees of penal colony No. 14 GU FSIN po krasnoyarskomu KRAYU (100% we cannot be certain) celebrate the Day of the Forester”, — stated in the message channel.

Trefilov was at corporate, but left it to the strip and haven’t seen him, said the source of Life.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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