The MiG-35 was a tanker


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

Russian aircraft Corporation (RSK) “MiG” on its website published the characteristics of the produced jet fighter of the 4++ generation MiG-35.

The MiG-35, which appeared in the list of the company’s products, called the vertex of the family of aircraft grade “MiG”. It is noted that “fighter designed to destroy air targets by day and night, in VFR and IFR weather conditions, and engage moving and stationary ground (surface) targets”.

The main advantages of the MiG-35 is called, in particular, reduced radar signature, quadruple redundancy for all control channels, updated avionics (on-Board radar with an active phased antenna array), optical radar station, helmet-mounted target designation system and display, modern information-control field cabin with a high level of automation, engines with increased thrust and the possibility of in-flight refueling and to serve as a tanker.

Objectives the MiG-35 is called the conquest of the air in the confrontation with the fighters fourth and fifth generations, the interception of modern means of air attack, air strikes with precision weapons on land and surface targets without entering the zone of antiaircraft defense (PVO) of the day and night in all weather conditions, air reconnaissance using optical-electronic and electronic means, participation in group activities and perform the function of air control aircraft groups.

The RAC noted that the MiG-35 is made in two versions with one or two places, completely unified with each other on the airframe, the avionics, and the functions they perform. The main performance characteristics of a fighter: the maximum takeoff weight is 24,500 pounds, maximum external load of 6,500 kg, max pull – up to 18,000 pounds-force and a maximum speed of 2,100 kilometers per hour, practical ceiling – 16 km maximum operational overload – 9g, the maximum flight range of around 3,000 kilometers.

The fighter is equipped with nine external points of the suspension, allowing to accommodate, in particular, guided missiles “air-air” small, medium and large ranges, missiles of class “air-surface”, is intended for destruction of ground (surface) targets, corrected bombs, unguided rockets, bombs and a single bomb containers in sizes from 100 to 500 kilograms, as well as the integrated automatic 30 mm gun.

In August, the MiG-35D (double version of the MiG-35) during a demonstration flight at the International aviation and space salon 2019 (MAX-2019) lost the panel covering the left wing.

In December 2018, has a video in which the MiG-35 takes off almost vertically on afterburner.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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