The model told about the unsuccessful date using Tinder


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British model, 26-year-old jodie Weston (Jodie Weston), spoke about their most uncomfortable dates with guys via the Dating app Tinder, according to the Daily Mirror.

According to her, in just two weeks she went to three different dates, and each of them was awful. In the first case, the meeting took place in a bar in London. However, the gentleman loved to swing the chair, that at one point could not resist and fell on the floor face forward.

Another date took place in the cinema, the couple planned to watch a horror movie “the purge” (The Purge). However, at the entrance to the auditorium Weston heard a woman’s scream. It turned out that it was the wife of the man she met. “I didn’t know he was married. I only had time to take popcorn and soda, ready to watch a movie, and suddenly I was in the foyer between the unfaithful husband and his angry wife,” explained the model.

Most of all she remembered the guy from the other date. One day he came to her home and gave the dog breed Chihuahua. According to Weston, the boyfriend was very upset when she refused the gift, and left her. After a while she learned that the pet died, and then decided to stop to chat with the guy. However, he again tried to get to her house. One of the attempts ended with the security guards of the residential complex had to take out the guy by force. He managed to give her a big Teddy bear that still lives in her home.

Previously a single mother, jade savage (Savage Jade) told me how the guy she met on Tinder, she refused to see her. The cause was a quarrel that began after a bad comments about her excess weight.

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