Doctors told about the dangers of using smartphones in the toilet


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Doctors told about the dangers of using smartphones in the toilet. It is reported by The Sun.

Experts believe that people with a spend phone in the toilet a lot more time than without it. This can lead to the formation of hemorrhoids, that is varicose veins of the anus. As a result, the cause of hemorrhoids can be a modern habit to take the smartphone.

General practitioner Sarah Jarvis said that it is not necessary to use the applications on the phone, during a trip to the toilet. She added that the problem of hemorrhoids is very common in Britain, people just “suffer in silence”. According to her, on average, one in four of British adults are faced with constipation.

Jarvis added that previously, some people just “took with him to the toilet with a good book”, and today it was replaced by a mobile phone. The doctor advised to lock your device or leave it in another room.

Dr. Lisa Akerly told The Sun that all who take the phone with you to the toilet, you risk to cover it with germs. According to her, you can pick up on your device everything from norovirus to Salmonella. However, the doctor felt that the people will not cease to do so, and gave some advice. She noted that right-handers should hold the phone in your left hand, sitting on the toilet, and nothing more not to touch her before washing hands. So germs are less likely to get on the smartphone, and from there to the human body.

The publication reports on a study according to which 57 percent of Britons often use your phone in the toilet. And eight percent of respondents “always” do this.

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