The US will send more troops to the middle East


www.vsyako.netMark Aspartate: Christian Hartmann / Reuters

The Secretary of defense mark Esper reported that the American leader Donald trump has approved sending additional troops to the middle East to strengthen the defense of Saudi Arabia. His words leads Reuters.

Trump made this decision, as it believes Iran responsible for the attack on oil installations in the Kingdom. As reported by Esper, the actions of the armed forces of the United States would be “defensive in nature”. The Minister added that the troops will mainly contribute to air and missile defense.

Previously, Donald trump announced that could destroy 15 different targets in Iran. However, he chose to impose economic sanctions against the country, saying that “restraint is good”.

On the night of 14 September in the national oil company of Saudi Arabia Saudi Aramco in the attack drones, an explosion occurred which led to the fire. After that, the country was forced to cut oil production by half. The responsibility for what happened took over the rebel movement, the Houthis “Ansar Allah”. The United States believes that the attack involved Iran.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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