Ukraine predicted a “new joy” in relations with Russia


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexander vilf / RIA Novosti

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim pristayko said in an interview with “Gromadska” that Moscow and Kyiv led to an active discussion of the next exchange of prisoners.

“I want to tell you that work is progressing very actively. I’m not going to announce, but I hope that soon we will have a new reason for joy,” — said the Minister.

Pristayko said that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky personally negotiate the exchange. The discussion is delicate in nature, so Zelensky has not committed in the part of Western partners, he added.

The Minister noted that countries have managed to make difficult decisions and pay a high price. Pristayko said that we are talking about the Russian side of the inhabitant of Donbass Vladimir Tzemach, which Dutch prosecutors said a witness in the case of the crash of Malaysian “Boeing” over the Donbas in the summer of 2014.

On 13 September it was reported that Kiev gave Moscow a list held in Russia citizens of Ukraine to begin negotiations on a new stage of exchange of prisoners.

The exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine was held on 7 September. Plane special flight detachment “Russia” with the Russians on Board has landed in Moscow. Around the same time at the Boryspil airport landed the plane with the Ukrainian prisoners. The exchange took place according to the formula “35 on 35”.

In particular, in addition to the Tzemach Kiev gave the Russian side the chief editor of RIA Novosti — Ukraine Kirill Vyshinsky, which Ukraine was accused of treason. Russia has given Ukraine convicted for terrorism Director Oleg Sentsov, as well as 24 sailors, detained in the Kerch Strait in November 2018 for the violation of the Russian border.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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