Passengers of a cruise ship revolted against the crew


www.vsyako.netCruise liner BalmoralФото: GlobalLookPress

Passengers of the cruise liner Balmoral staged a “revolt” against the team captain because of the terrible conditions of travel. Reported by the Daily Mail.

Unwilling to obey the commands of the crew and get out of the cabin became the place where the ship has brought tourists. They promised to “undiscovered gems”, and brought, for example, in the industrial port of great Yarmouth, although many of the passengers came from there for the cruise in the French port of Dunkirk, near which is a camp of illegal migrants, and the industrial port of Amsterdam Imogen near the steel plant.

The only city that tourists visited the Antwerp — absolutely not impressed with them. “No mills, people in wooden shoes, too, a place like home!” — said one of the tourists. The representative of the tour operator Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines has expressed regret that someone did not like the cruise, and assured that he still received a few positive reviews.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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