The bite of a poisonous spider blew a hole in the woman’s hand


www.vsyako.netLouise Awardsphoto: from personal archive

A resident of the UK went to hospital after a spider bite. This publication reports the Metro.

Spider-steatoda, also known as the false widow, hiding in the sofa cushion. He was bitten by a 49-year-old Louise Edwards (Louise Edwards) when she while cleaning slipped a pillow under his arm.

She found the bite was harmless and did not see a specialist. The next day my hand ached, but Edwards still did nothing. Two days later, the bite had swollen to the size of a Golf ball and the pain became so strong that the woman took pain medication. This time she went to the doctor, who sent her to the hospital.

Edwards had to endure a ten-minute operation, during which she removed the cloth, dead from the poison steatoda. As a result of the woman’s hand had a hole the size of almost four centimeters.

In July it was reported that the bite of a brown recluse blew a hole in the leg of British actor Matthew Phillips. He didn’t notice it because of the diabetes 2-go type his leg went numb.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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