Identified areas of Moscow with reactive valuing apartments


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Konstantin Kokoshkin / “Kommersant”

In the period from the beginning of 2018 and autumn 2019 the cost of secondary housing in Moscow increased on average by 10 percent. In the city there are areas where there is a significant increase in the cost per square meter to 20-53 per cent, according to the materials of the Agency “ABC Housing”, arrived in edition “”.

The maximum rise in prices of new apartments by 53 percent for the half year was recorded in Ochakovo-Matveyevskoye. “The main reason of growth of cost of the opening of new metro stations”, — analysts explain. In the list of areas with a rapidly increasing price the “secondary” also got Marfino, where a square meter has risen by 35 percent, and Solntsevo (plus 29 percent). Approximately 20 percent of the increased cost of housing in parts of the North, Ochakovo-Borisovo, Metrogorodok, Veshnyaki, Lianozovo, Beskudnikovsky and Chertanovo Tsentralnoye.

The average square meter of the secondary real estate in the capital is now worth 308 thousand rubles (excluding Zelenograd and New Moscow), estimated by experts. The highest price index — 618 thousand per meter in Yakimanka district. The minimum cost of a “square” with 139 thousand rubles — Sochi.

Earlier it was reported about a sharp drop in demand for secondary housing in Moscow in August of 2019 in the city was recorded to 10.7 thousands of transitions of property rights under contracts of purchase and sale — against 12,56 thousands of transactions a month earlier.

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