Hockey made coming out and braced for the insults


www.vsyako.netJon Lee Alicante: account @Cph2021 Twitter

Danish hockey player Jon Lee-Olsen, goalkeeper of the team “Rungsted Sayer’s capital,” made coming out. He announced his orientation in the air datskogo TV channel TV2.

According to the athlete, it is likely that the audience will insult him. “I believe that he is ready to defend its interests and to play hockey, no matter what. I’m willing to stand up for themselves and others not yet admitted gays. You can easily be gay and play hockey,” said Lee Olsen.

The athlete became the world’s first current player, who announced that he was gay. Last season Lee Olsen became the champion of Denmark at the ice hockey in the “Sayer’s capital.”

In September mother Russian gay spoke about how they learned about the orientation of children. They took their children, though some took a lot of time.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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