The fall of the Berlin wall called the symbol of the “humiliation” of Russian


www.vsyako.netA fragment of the Berlin wall at Potsdamer Platz, posadite: Asatur Esync / RIA Novosti

The Berlin wall became a symbol for Russians of the cold war and hopes for greater freedom and the fall — evidence of destruction and “humiliation”. This is stated in the article from the German publication Das Erste.

Journalists argue that the Russian was initially delighted with the unification of Germany, but “sobered up”, felt the impact of this event. “A growing number of Soviet republics began to demand independence from Moscow. Because of changes in the system, many are having problems,” — says the publication.

The author writes that the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russian is perceived not as a “triumph of democracy”, but as “humiliation”. According to the author of the material, the Berlin wall was not just a boundary and a symbol of the cold war and strength. Its fall was for many proof of the defeat in the confrontation.

Separately stated in the material attitude of Russian politicians, “because of which everything happened.” It is argued that, unlike the Germans, Russian people treat them negatively. The German edition, in particular, has compared German Chancellor Helmut Kohl and the first and last President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev. If the first was not so “memorable” because of their “charisma of the figure”, the second one I remember well and “not like”, the article reads. Das Erste notes that in the Russian history books said that “for the entire term of office Gorbachev has not offered any positive ideas”.

On 2 October it was reported that more than half the population of East Germany was dissatisfied with his position in modern German society. They believe they can at least freely Express their opinion on any public policy issues, less protected from the tyranny of the state than in the GDR, and was not satisfied with the way democracy works in the country.

The Berlin wall was erected August 13, 1961 and stood for nearly 30 years, separating East and West Berlin. Its length was 155 kilometers, of which more than 40 kilometers were in the city. For January-November 1990, all of the border fortifications were demolished. Only 1,3 km long part was left as a symbol of the cold war.

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