The most reliable country of refuge in the event of the Apocalypse


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Yuriy Kaver / RIA Novosti

Scientists have listed the two dozen countries where the safest place will be in case of Apocalypse, caused by the global epidemic. Relevant information is contained in the material Science Alert.

So, among leaders of the list were Australia, New Zealand and Iceland. It is noted that they possess most of the traits of an effective shelter in the event of a global catastrophe. Not less suited to the survival of States, according to experts, was Japan, Barbados, Cuba, as well as Fiji and Jamaica.

“It is not surprising that a country with a high GDP, which is self-sufficient in food production and/or energy and are located at some distance”, — stated in the material. In addition, it is argued that most often we are talking about island States.

The specialists underline that some countries can improve their position if they can increase the independence of their resources, while other States run the risk of “getting stuck” due to their political instability or exposure to environmental issues.

The study has taken into account the characteristics of the population, location of countries, natural resource availability, and political and social features.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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