USA said about the impossibility of friendship with Russia


www.vsyako.netNikki Halepoto: Nancy O. sisel / RIA Novosti

Washington will never be able to trust in Moscow, said the former U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley. Reported by Newsday.

“Russia will never be our friend,” said Haley. According to her, it is impossible under any circumstances, as the Russian side allegedly interfered in elections in 2016. In addition, Haley was accused Moscow of “fomenting chaos and strife” in other countries. However, she stressed that the US authorities should liaise with Russia.

In July last year, Haley said that Russia “will never become another United States.” She noted that “the US does not trust Russia, do not trust the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and never will trust”. In addition, in her view, the current American administration is behaving stiffer against Russia than any other since Ronald Reagan.

Washington has repeatedly accused Moscow of trying to influence the election of the American President in 2016. According to the US intelligence, Russian intelligence used by two hacker groups — Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear — for hacking the servers of the Democratic party. The Russian side denies the accusations of involvement in hacking.

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