Ukrainians in Poland was beaten to paralysis in the Ukrainian language



In the Polish town of Wladyslawowo security night club beat two fellow workers for Ukrainian speech. It is reported by the newspaper Dziennik Baltycki.

The incident occurred in August, but it became known about it only now. It is noted that the Ukrainians were officially employed in Poland and one weekend decided to visit night club. According to witnesses, the young people were calm and civilized. The attack happened when they went out to smoke and started talking among themselves in their native language.

The guards of the institution, having heard the Ukrainian language, beat them, applying tear gas. As a result, one of the victims went into a coma for 18 days. Doctors diagnosed him with a brain injury and partial memory loss. In addition, he is still paralyzed one side of the body. A young man unable to talk.

It is reported that the attackers were indicted on charges of causing bodily harm. One of the poles was sent under arrest for three months. The other is under the control of law enforcement officers under house arrest. Relatives of the victim have organized a fundraiser to rehab.

On 25 September it became known that in the village of Sycamore Lviv region Polish soldier shot dead a Ukrainian soldier.

In late September, Ukraine and Poland signed a letter of intent for cooperation in the sphere of protection of the rights of citizens of both countries. The Ukrainian Ombudsman for human rights, Lyudmila Denisova said about the frequent cases of attacks by poles on Ukrainian citizens for the last four years. One of the recent incidents that she said occurred on September 21. In the Polish town of ┼╗ory, a group of local residents beat up a student, make sure that he is Ukrainian.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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