Bridesmaids ridiculed like a trash bag dresses


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @BleakAdriftSoul / Reddit

The bridesmaids came to the wedding in a black dress, which later, the network was criticized for its resemblance to a trash bag. Discussion about their attire broke on the portal Reddit.

On the platform appeared a picture, which depicts four ladies in long satin dresses. In addition, instead of shoes on their feet they wore colored sneakers. “Never thought Hefty (manufacturer of garbage bags — approx. “Of the”) released a wedding line,” he joked in the description of the author of the post.

Reddit users were laughing about this in the comments. “Thanks to you guys, it was the sweaty wedding in history”, “I Have many questions to that snapshot. What the hell, they got dressed and put shoes on?”, “I also immediately thought of the Hefty packages”, — spoke they are under the photo.

In September, Facebook users abused the guest wedding for wanting to outdo the bride with a Frank outfit. Anonymous girl posted a photograph in which she poses in a restaurant in a slinky black mini dress with shiny elements and large slits at the sides. In the comments, people began to dissuade the stranger from attending celebrations like this.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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