Daughter accidentally showed to the relatives of the genitals and in confusion fled home


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ethan Miller / Getty Images

The lady Reddit with nick Sielemm told about the incident that happened with her during a family barbecue. At a time when television, who watched relatives, went to sleep, the screen began to broadcast her genitals. My story, the girl shared on Reddit, collecting 26 thousand likes.

The awkwardness occurred because the device smart TV Amazon, which Sielemm gave mother. When the parents turned it, the mechanism will automatically log in to the account of the wearer, which is often used by the various services of the company, including for storage of photos.

Sielemm blushed, when on the screen appeared her intimate photos. She tried to find the remote to turn off the TV, but was unable to, and therefore pulled the cable smart TV and took the device home.

Earlier, the Reddit user said that he noticed changes in the behavior of his girls over the past six months. According to him, she is befriended by adherents of a sex cult and now regularly spends time with them.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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