Puppy three weeks survived under the rubble of houses after a hurricane, and escaped


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Rescuers in the city of Marsh harbour, Abaco island, Bahamas, helped the puppy, which is more than three weeks after hurricane Dorian spent under the rubble. This is the website of Fox News channel.

Members of the order of Big Dog Ranch from the city of Loxahatchee groves, Florida, United States are using cameras equipped with infrared drones to search for missing after hurricane Dorian animals.

They found buried under the rubble of conditioning a puppy that couldn’t get out more than three weeks. Another dog that was with him were killed. The surviving puppy named Miracle (Miracle). Animal otomano, and gave him some water and feed before sending it to US.

The team members plan to track down the owner of the dog or find her a new home.

Officers Big Dog Ranch rescued 138 dogs in the Bahamas after hurricane Dorian and returned many Pets to their owners. The founder of the squad, Laurie Simmons (Lauree Simmons) reported that some dogs remain under the rubble and are afraid to get out because of the noise of heavy machinery, which remove the debris.

In October it was reported that the Khabarovsk rescuers pulled from the well husky that accidentally fell in there and sat in the water for about ten hours. Animal rescuers examined, he was convinced that he did not want the help of a veterinarian, and released husky on the street.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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