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International Association of airports (IAA) has sent to the Minister of transport of Russia Eugene Dietrich’s appeal, which was asked to adjust the bill of the Ministry on the establishment of paartronic territories (PAT). About it writes “Kommersant”.

In August 2019, it became known about the new bill of Ministry of transport. Around each airport there is a STALEMATE, where there are seven sub-zones, the last — the biggest. Under the new law, it was planned to greatly reduce and allow to build there. The seventh subzone status changed from mandatory to optional for its exploitation has become need long-term agreement with the Federal air transport Agency. This subzone allows airports to develop and not harm the health of local residents so that they are not subjected to too strong interfering influences. The inability of airports to defend their territory led to the violation of sanitary norms and restrictions on the number of flights.

The Association opposed the establishment of a five-year period of the seventh subband allocation and payment of compensation to property owners in the area. The organization does not agree with the approach of the Ministry of transport when the size of the latter subzone is calculated from the equivalent (average per day) of noise.

The Executive Director of the MAA, Sergey Nicotine stated that, according to the experts, the definition of the boundaries according to this principle, can increase the area of the subzone in contrast to the definition of maximum noise level. His numbers expect the specialists of research Institute of building physics RAASN. These rules will apply if the present provisions would exclude from the bill of the Ministry of transport. Calculated based on equivalent, not the maximum level of noise can cause serious harm local residents and affect the development and functioning of airports.

The document should be aimed at resolving long-standing conflict between airports, property developers and regional governments, but, according to the Association, he “only perpetuates the stalemate”. According to the newspaper, the capital’s Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo and Domodedovo supported the position of the MAA. The Ministry of transport and Rosaviation yet did not comment on the situation.

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