The FBI chose the “most efficient” killer


www.vsyako.netSamuel Littlefoot: Nick Ut / AP Photo

The FBI called maniac Samuel little, who admitted to 93 crimes, “the most productive” the killer in US history. This writes The New York Post.

79-year-old little terrified on the streets from 1970 to 2005. Despite the recognition in almost a hundred murders, the investigators were able to prove his involvement in 50 of them. It is noted that the remaining 43 of the story of maniac is also trustworthy in 34 cases, it specified the exact ages of the victims, their skin color, the area and the time of the murders, which were considered unsolved.

Most of his victims were women. He preferred to strangle his victims. Criminal for many years believed that he wouldn’t get caught, because thought to his victims no one cares. He was captured in 2012 at a homeless shelter, proof of his guilt was DNA examination from crime scenes.

Prior to 1975, little was arrested 26 times in 11 States.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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