The Nobel prize in physics was awarded for the discovery of the secrets of the Universe


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Jayanta Shaw / Reuters

The Nobel prize in physics for 2019 will receive James Peebles (James Peebles), Michel Mayor (Michel Mayor), Didier Kelo (Didier Queloz) for contributions to the understanding of the evolution of the Universe and the place of Earth in it. This was reported on the website of the award.

American physicist Peebles was awarded for theoretical research in the field of physical cosmology, and the Swiss astronomers Mayor and Kelo — for the discovery of exoplanets orbiting solar-type stars. Peebles is known to work on the primary nucleosynthesis, dark matter and dark energy, and the formation of large-scale structure of the Universe.

In 2018, the Nobel prize in physics was awarded to Arthur Ashkin, Gerard Moore and Donna Strickland for “pioneering inventions in the field of laser physics.” American physicist Askin is one of the founders of optical tweezers, which has been successfully applied in studies of biological systems. French scientist canadian physicist Moore and Strickland suggested that the amplification of chirped pulses, allowing to obtain laser pulses of high power.

The official award ceremony will take place on 10 December (the day of Alfred Nobel’s death) in Stockholm. The award winners will give the king of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf. Cash remuneration in 2019 will be approximately one million dollars all prize winners in physics.

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