107-year-old woman attributed her longevity to the love of soda


www.vsyako.netFrame: Tampa Bay Times / YouTube

Long-liver from the American city of Tampa, Florida, says the secret of his longevity Coca-Cola she drinks each day. It is reported by WTVT.

4 Oct Brassy Francis (Frances Brassey) celebrates 107 years old. In honor of the birthday at the nursing home where she lives, threw a party and invited the photographer, who directed her in a festive tiara.

Brasse was born in 1912. The woman traveled a lot, been to South America and Asia and still keeps the Souvenirs brought back from trips to China. In 1980 she retired and moved to Florida, and four years ago settled in the nursing home.

The oldest man in the world, 116-year-old Kane Tanaka, a Japanese living in Fukuoka. Record longevity belongs to Frenchwoman Jeanne calment (Jeanne Calment), who died in 1997 aged 122 years and 164 days.

Earlier in July it was reported that a century-old resident of the English town of Stansted, Essex, explained his longevity by addiction to corn dogs. “It is a treat and a positive attitude helped me to live to a ripe old age,” said long.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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