Father lured daughter is overweight to the gym money


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Anonymous man admitted that his daughter pay for classes at the gym. His post he posted on Reddit and asked commentators to rate him.

The user explained that his 22-year-old daughter graduated College and moved to another city to continue training. They agreed that he pays her tuition and rent, and she works part-time, and the money buys food and pays utility bills.

The daughter often told him that he would like to earn more, as it lacks on entertainment and clothes. While the father worried about the extra weight daughter. He tried to talk to her about it, but she said that trying to find the motivation to exercise between study and work part-time.

Wanting to encourage her daughter to lose weight, his father had offered her extra money if she would go to the gym. He pays her $ 15 (about a thousand rubles) per hour of training, as considered inappropriate to pay for the dropped pounds. He fears that this will lead to unhealthy eating habits.

His wife said that such a contract is disgusting. Dad asked Reddit users to judge whether he’s right. As a result, he received more than a thousand reviews and has generated a fierce debate among users.

One of the commentators said, “please, please, Please, don’t do it”. Another user said that the mother was trying to control his weight and paid for the services of personal trainers, which worsened the relationship between them.

Some users have approved of his actions: “You are doing the right thing, if she accepts your help and agrees to it.” Another commenter said that his parents make their adult children to diet and scolded if they did not succeed to lose weight.

Earlier it was reported that 35-year-old resident of the UK, Kim Turner (Kim Turner) has lost 63 pounds to spend with children more time. She didn’t want children ashamed of it, and decided to lose weight.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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