In Black Star commented on the victory over L One in court


www.vsyako.netRapper L One (Levan Gorozia) Photo: Valery sharifulin / TASS

Rapper Levan Gorozia (L One) can negotiate with the label Black Star, who lost earlier in court. This was announced by CEO and co-founder of the label Kuryanov Pavel (Pasha) in an interview with “Rambler”.

In his opinion, the L One did is extremely unfair to the great team who worked hard to ensure that he succeeded. Pasha also stated that the rapper broke his word and published incorrect information and figures, “showing himself as the victim and the unfortunate.” The CEO of the label believes that in this way the artist wanted to evoke sympathy of the people.

Pasha said that Black Star is transparent, and all actions and the amounts have supporting documents. “We honestly did their work and, most importantly, the results of our actions are obvious to all,” he said. The label also said that the amount of the termination of the contract was reduced several times at the request Goroshi, in the end, the artist agreed to “lifting a figure”. But on the day of signing of the agreement, said the Kuryanov, the artist came with lawyers and refused to negotiate with the label.

While Pasha said that if Gorozia will want to come and finish, the label is open to it. “Perhaps some are not quite competent lawyers advised him to take this step”, he suggested.

8 October it became known that the label Black Star won a court L One. Behind the label there is a right not only to the name and music of rapper, but his clips.

In June, L One has announced his departure from the label and accused former colleagues in an attempt to take away his song and name. The actor said that seven years has written 157 tracks for the Black Star. In July, the singer said that he wanted to leave the company two years ago, but then care would cost him 170 million rubles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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