Poklonskaya gave a debriefing because of the ban on flowers in offices


www.vsyako.netSergey Surovikina: Mikhail Metzel / TASS

The commander of aerospace forces (VKS) Russia Sergei Surovikin does not give any instructions on arrangement of offices of the officers, wrote on Wednesday, October 9, owned by Grigory Berezkin RBC. Earlier it was reported that this document with reference to the oral instruction of the commander in chief entered into all military units.

According to him, the telegram, which was discussed, was indeed, however, it sent the Deputy chief of staff air transport rail Basyrov with the aim “to improve the conditions of military service”.

“[He] is not allowed to issue such documents, and especially to broadcast to the troops of imagination on correct device location service”, — said Surovikin, explaining that the issue is governed by army Directive, and separate rules for videoconferencing does not exist.

The commander added that with Nasyrovym was conducted educational conversation “about the inadmissibility of such initiatives.”

It is noted that the telegram with the order, the commanders of military units to remove from the walls of the Cabinet documents without frames, calendars, paintings and flowers, he entered in units of VKS on 20 September. Among other things it was stated that in classrooms with the goal of “continuous and sporadic tasks” should be the following list of items: three folders format A-3 and A-4, two packs of colored and plain pencils, two packs of colored gel pens and thin markers, a ream of A-4, sheet A-3, two officers of the ruler, two erasers and a pack of stickers.

On 11 September it was reported that from 1 January 2020 in Russia in the framework of the “regulatory guillotine” will cease to operate Soviet law prohibiting the sofas and carpets in government offices. According to the document, to “avoid excesses” in the design of government offices, prohibited the use of wool and silk fabrics, carpets and upholstered furniture.

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