Russian and Ukrainian prices for products compared in the network


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Maxim Bogodvid / RIA Novosti

Basic foodstuffs mostly in Russia are cheaper than in Ukraine, it follows from the video, posted on YouTube.

The author of the video Ivan Protsenko compare prices of products in shops of a trading network “Ashan” in Saratov and Kiev.

It is noted that the minimum cost of a kilogram of potatoes in Ukraine is UAH 14 (39 rubles), and in Russia — 12 rubles. The price of a kilogram of rice in Kiev starts from 20,95 hryvnia (55.14 ruble), in Saratov — from 59 rubles. The minimum cost of pasta in the Russian store — 50 rubles, and in Ukraine — 42,53 hryvnia (111 rubles). A liter of milk in the Saratov shop you can buy 41,9 rubles, and in Kiev — from 18.16 hryvnia (47.8 per ruble).

Previously, the Association of retail companies (HSE) warned the Russians about the growth of prices for food products at 3-3. 5 percent. Experts said that most notably will increase the prices of eggs, sugar and poultry meat. In addition, due to the introduction from 1 November electronic veterinary certification the cost of dairy products may increase by 10 percent.

In September it became known that among European countries the cheapest food basket of vegetables and fruits in Ukraine. It was noted that the average groceries for the week cost 27 euros, the most expensive grocery set — in Switzerland: fruits and vegetables cost 141 euros. The cheapest in Ukraine are apples, bananas, onions and potatoes, the most expensive of these products are in Switzerland, Monaco and Norway.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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