She has revealed to the children the meaning of the phrase “impale” and paid


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A kindergarten teacher in the Rostov region was fired for mental child abuse after she explained to them the essence of the phrase “impale” from the fairy tale “the little humpbacked Horse”. This was announced by the publication with reference to the press service of the court.

The court found that on 22 February, the pupils of correctional Taganrog group of the kindergarten №43 read the story “the little humpbacked Horse” and one of the children asked what does the expression “impaled”. According to court definition, the teacher replied, “Man impaled, the stake passed through the human body, and then the person died”.

On hearing this, the parents demanded to punish the teacher for psychological violence. According to the materials of the case, learning about the method of execution, one of the children began to suffer from mood swings, tantrums, obsessive fear of death and anxiety, and also refused to go to kindergarten.

The teacher was fired, she tried to challenge this decision through the courts. The woman did not deny that responded to the question about the stake, but argued that he did it without malice. According to her, the tale was studied in accordance with the curriculum. She also insisted that during the service check not interviewed the children, and linked his dismissal with prejudice. The Taganrog city court found lawful dismissal, and the Rostov regional court called the decision legitimate.

Appeal ruling said that teaching employees “assigned high requirements in terms of compliance with ethical requirements in the home and at work.” Judicial Board came to the conclusion that the actions of the teacher violated the socially accepted rules of morality and ethics, and also do not meet the ethical requirements of the teacher.

Earlier in Astrakhan, Soviet district court sentenced him to four years in prison for each of the spouses-owners of a private kindergarten, in which children were tied up in a diaper. Day workers tied children hands and legs diaper, “understanding that cannot fulfill the obligations of the contract, because for young students required constant monitoring and care.” Thus children are deprived of free movement.

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