Bank cards have started to collect fingerprints


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A major British Bank NatWest has announced the launch of a three-month trial program for using the credit card authorization which is held by fingerprint, according to CNBC.

The card got 150 clients. With contactless payment the amount below £ 30 transaction takes place as usual, if the amount is higher, then you have to put your finger on the map. To buy more expensive £ 100 card should be inserted in the terminal and also to put the finger. The pin code must be entered only at ATMs.

As pointed out in Bank card allows you to shop online and accepted any applicable terminal charge.

Fingerprint users can register on the map at home. When the print is fixed, cannot be changed. The Bank’s representatives stressed that the biometric data is not transmitted anywhere and do not remain in the cloud.

Director of innovation NatWest Balcali Georgina (Georgina Bulkeley) noted that technology authentication using the fingerprints in the next few years looks most promising direction. It is more convenient for users and does not require a pin which can be forgotten and who can steal.

In August it was reported that Sberbank is going to enter the service of payment for goods in shops using facial scan or fingerprint. To do this, the buyer will have to register at a specific store, and the data can only attach to a particular map.

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