Discover the secrets of ancient erotic manuscripts


www.vsyako.netPhoto: University of Bristol

Scientists at Bristol University have discovered the oldest fragments of French medieval poem “romance of the rose”, which was written in XIII century. About it reported in a press release on the website of the institution.

Unknown manuscripts was accidentally found in the vaults of the archive Bureau in Worcester (England). The segments are not very well preserved because it was used as a folder or cover for other documents because of the high cost and durability of parchment. They tell about the meeting of the poet and the flower of the Rose (allegory of the beloved), while the author used metaphors to describe a sexual relationship between lovers.

According to scientists, the content of this passage was the reason that page was taken from the poem.

“The romance of the rose” is an allegorical poem, written in old French language. It consists of two parts, one of which was written in the years 1225-1230, and the second, which tells of the search of flower — in 1275. The protagonist of the second part, the poet awakens in a beautiful garden and falls in love with Rose Bud, and then starts to look for him.

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