Dispelled popular myths about saving on vacation


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Experts in the field of tourism debunked popular myths about travelling and gave suggestions for budget savings during the holidays. Their words lead The Sun.

First, it turned out that Tuesday is the best day to buy tickets. Previously it was really true, because the airlines often placed offers on online flights on Monday that were allowed to purchase tickets to the weekend rates on Tuesday. But now, according to a consultant in the field of aviation platforms Consumer Reports William J. Clinton. McGee (William J. McGee), updates on the websites for booking flights occur daily.

Secondly, the confidence of many tourists that buying a return ticket might be cheaper than a one way flight, too, proved a delusion. Experts say that often fly two different airlines are low cost.

Also myth was the belief that the connecting flights are always cheaper than direct flights. Travel analyst at Atmosphere Research, Henry Harteveldt (Henry Harteveldt) noted that all airlines their complex pricing system, so to calculate which method will be cheaper to fly, is virtually impossible.

In addition, booking of tickets long before the departure date does not always guarantee savings. According to the staff of the service of booking tickets FareCompare, the best time to buy tickets three months in advance of travel. By purchasing tickets early, the client runs the risk of spending on them a higher amount, because he can “run up” for the “average” rate.

Finally, the cheapest is not always provided by low-cost airlines. Before you buy your flight this airline experts advise to check the cost included meals, Luggage and reserved the place. In the end, this amount can be compared with the price of flights with a larger carrier.

Earlier in October, the tourists shared the lifehacks for cheap travel. So, the most effective way to save on the trip was the search for tickets not only in the specified city of arrival, but also in neighboring areas.

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