Nine-year-old American accused of killing five people

161 Photo: Suhaib Salem / Reuters

A nine year old child in the U.S. state of Illinois accused of the murder of five people: he set fire to the house in which were three children and two adults. On 9 October, told NBC News.

It is known that the fire occurred on the night of 7 April in a trailer Park Timberline is 150 miles from Chicago, the state capital. In an arson attack killed 34-year-old male, 69-year-old woman, two two year and one year-old child. Details of the incident were not disclosed — said only that the accused may have had to the victims kin

The defense believes that such accusations against the child — a very serious measure. According to the Associated Press, a man of such age was not accused of mass murder since 2006.

According to the prosecution, proved the fact that the child specifically set the fire remains a question whether he intended to kill the inhabitants of the house.

According to state law, children under 10 years cannot be accused in the public hearing process. It is reported that the juvenile suspect was not arrested.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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