Predicted catastrophic solar superbore


www.vsyako.netImage: NASA / SDO

Scientists of the Osaka University (Japan) found that a powerful geomagnetic storm caused by solar activity, are far more common than previously thought. This publication reports Science Alert.

The researchers analyzed historical data on polar lights during the “Carrington Event” of 1-2 September 1859 in the Eastern hemisphere and in the Iberian Peninsula. They studied the logs of observatories and diaries, and messages in the media. Scientists were able to obtain unpublished logbooks, which contained sketches of groups of sunspots. Such groups are usually associated with coronal mass ejections and geomagnetic storms.

Information about polar lights in the Eastern hemisphere were compared with the entries in the diaries of observations, which were conducted in the Western hemisphere. It turned out that many coronal mass ejections occurred before and after the “Carrington Event”, that is, from 27 August to beginning of October.

In addition, the researchers found similarities between the geomagnetic storm in 1859, and other similar events: a solar storm in 1872 (generated strong auroras), 1921 (damaged Telegraph network in the U.S.), 1972 (detonated sea mines) and 1989 (damaged canadian electricity). In addition, emissions in 2012 could also repeat the “Carrington Event”, however, the flow of plasma past the Earth.

According to scientists, solar superstorm are not uncommon and therefore present a more serious threat to modern civilization.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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