Reveals the mystery of dangerous objects in the Universe


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An international group of astrophysicists from Germany and the UK have uncovered the likely mechanism of origin of magnetars — neutron stars with extremely strong magnetic field. Similar explosions on neutron stars give rise to streams of radiation that can reach Earth, to cause failures in the operation of spacecraft and also affect the ionosphere. About it reported in a press release on

The results of computer simulation showed that Magnetar can occur as a result of the merger of two massive stars, which causes a powerful magnetic field. The resulting star should flash like a supernova that leads to the appearance of exotic object.

From massive stars is missing the surface area of convection, which is available from the Sun and generates the external magnetic field. However, 10 percent of such stars large-scale magnetic field is still observed, although an exhaustive explanation of this phenomenon does not yet exist. One of them is Tau Scorpion (τ Sco), a blue-white giant whose mass is 15 solar masses. It is located 500 light years from Earth and has an active magnetosphere, which was able to map.

The researchers used supercomputers at the Heidelberg Institute of theoretical studies to explain the mysterious properties of τ Sco. It turned out that the star belongs to the so-called blue straggler stars (eng. blue stragglers). It is believed that these stars were subjected to abnormal stellar evolution, because they are hotter and brighter than stars of the same age. A likely reason for their appearance is the merger of two stars. This same phenomenon could produce unusual magnetic field.

The researchers came to the conclusion that after τ Sco will turn into a supernova, there will be a Magnetar. This exotic object will have a magnetic field, which is a hundred million times stronger the magnetic fields generated by the people.

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