Russian soldiers will pay millions of rubles for broken gun mount


www.vsyako.netIED 2S7 “Pion”Photo: Vadim Savitsky / RIA Novosti

The Nalchik garrison the court ruled 25,4 million rubles with the soldier Nikita Proskurina in favor of the defense Ministry. On Thursday, October 10, reports “Kommersant”.

According to the newspaper, the court found Proskurina guilty of damage to military equipment. On the outskirts of Magas in Ingushetia, driving a tractor-trailer, which was assigned to self-propelled artillery unit (SAU) 2S7 “Pion”, the soldier sharply braked, from-for what ACS overturned on the asphalt. Equipment was damaged, after which can not be restored.

Soldier accused in the fact that it happened due to the fact that it is poorly cemented ACS on the platform of the trailer. The court satisfied the claim of the Ministry of defense and sought to Proskurina cost of artillery systems.

The article notes that in July 2019 Stavropol military court examined a similar thing — drove the war machine “Armor-S” the soldier allowed the technique to tip over, causing defense damages in the amount of 17.4 million. The court ordered the amount of one monthly salary and costs of litigation -41,4 thousand rubles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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