The girl has earned millions of dollars through images buttocks


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @andrea_abeli

Instagram-blogger Andrea Vasile (Vasile Andrea) from Romania, also known as Andrea Cables (Andrea Abeli), revealed the amount it receives for publication in a closed account. As reports 35-year-old native of Bucharest and has previously worked as a web designer.

According to her, in one post she receives from 750 to 7.5 thousand dollars (48.6 thousand to 486 thousand). Vasile is confident that the reason for her popularity in her honesty — a woman openly says she did plastic surgery to enhance their buttocks.

Currently, Vasile more than three million followers on Instagram, despite the fact that the account is closed for about two years. Most of the photos she is depicted Nude from the back. The model told that the amount for the year is $ 2.2 million (142,6 million).

Vasile added that part of the funds rescued for the paid posts from companies. If the fans of the model can also get regularly new photos and videos through a special website, subscription to which costs seven dollars (453 rubles) per month.

The model admitted that she is sending not only positive comments. Sometimes she gets from subscribers and nasty reviews. According to Vasile, the worst was a message from a user who said “she’ll burn in hell, and at this point it will smell like plastic.”

Vasile is not the only model who became famous for his candid shots in Instagram. Blogger from Brazil Natalia Garibotto (Natalia Garibotto) also known on the web for similar photos. In July she told about the strange offers and requests that have been received from her subscribers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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