The Professor called female students prostitutes in revealing clothes and you piss off colleagues



A Professor from Oxford had scolded the students for revealing clothes, advised students “stomach” abandon bodycon dresses and caused resentment colleagues. Reported by the Daily Mail.

A former lecturer in statistics, Dr. Pete Morris (Peet Morris), wrote a series of insulting to young girls Twitter posts. In particular, he said that at official events students appear “dressed like prostitutes”, and tight dresses on big girls is unacceptable. “Yes, I’m old,” he justified in one of these tweets academic, which according to his account, 45.

In addition, Morris was supported by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, when he called the Muslim women’s mailboxes. “Boris is absolutely right,” commented a teacher in social networks.

Another Professor, Dr. Ben Britton (Ben Britton), criticized the statements of Morris. “”I’m old” is no excuse. Or bring rational arguments to defend your position or listen to the opinion of others”, — recommend it.

The Britton was supported by his colleague, Dr. John. Bernadette Moore (J. Bernadette Moore). “Yes, “prostitute” is a typical condemnation faced by women”, — was indignant Moore.

Students, in turn, also considered the posts of Morris sexist and unfounded. In the end, the Professor removed all offensive statements from the social network.

In January, researchers at the University of Surrey identified as the clothes of a young woman affects the beginning of her career. The experiment involved 24 students who were asked to choose one of two options of outfit to prom: a modest business suit or short skimpy dress. Photos of all the girls showed 500 independent respondents. According to most, intellectual abilities have restrained dressed graduates was much higher than that of girls in mini-skirts.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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