The Professor had spent at the strip clubs grants for tens of thousands of dollars


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56-year-old doctor Nwankpa Chika (Chika Nwankpa) from Drexell University in Philadelphia (USA) is suspected of embezzlement of 190 thousand dollars, which he received as Federal grants. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

Nwankpa allegedly misappropriated 190 thousand dollars (about 12.3 million) allocated by the Navy, the Department of energy and the National science Foundation to pay huge bills at strip clubs and sportbeach Philadelphia.

University embezzlement noticed during internal audit in 2017 and notified the government. According to prosecutors, the Professor spent money on goods and services at strip clubs and sportbeach and on ITunes within a decade from 2007 to 2017.

Spent American grants were allocated for research in energy, science and Maritime Affairs.

Nwankpa confessed and left office. He agreed to pay 53.3 thousand dollars (about 3.4 million) — less than a third of the total amount of money spent.

Halls of residence the University has agreed to pay the state 189 thousand dollars (about 12.3 million). Representatives of educational institutions issued a statement, which says that the University has increased control over spending of grants. However, the University is barred from participating in public procurement for six months.

Prior to his dismissal in 2017 Nwankpa 27 years in Drexelbrook University. He was considered one of the main contractors of the University to grant the Professor claimed to have received more than ten million dollars (about 650,6 million) on research for his entire career. In your online profile Nwankpa says that he is now self-employed as a technical consultant.

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